Nice Hot Cuppa
British Woodlands Cushion

British Woodlands Cushion by Nice Hot Cuppa

Make a statement! This awesome cushion by Nice Hot Cuppa forms part of our collection of quirky illustrated homeware.

Our cushions are Vegan, yes we know that you have no plans to eat them, but we just wanted to assure you they contain nothing harmful to animals. They’re made from super soft faux suede and come complete with a fibre insert.  To make postage cheaper you can opt to receive the cushion without the insert.

They measure 43x43cm a smashing size (contains 50x50cm insert to keep it plump). They're machine washable at 30°c and hand made In UK. The cushion has a stone coloured back cover - and zip fastening.


Nice Hot Cuppa

Rob is an Illustrator and Designer based in South London. A big fan of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, he works in vector format which lets him work speedily and from anywhere. He breaks out the paint box sporadically and works well with both contemporary illustration and character design.

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