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Heads up! This is an older article which has been moved over from our old blog. As a result, some of the styling on this page might be a little off.

Last week we had the lovely Carolyn Gavin take over the Ohh Deer Instagram! Carolyn showed us some lovely painted creations along with her love of plants. Have a scroll through her day below!


9:00 am

Hi! I’m Carolyn @carolynj and I’m taking over the Ohh Deer Instagram feed for today. Hope you follow along (-: On a summers day I sometimes sketch outside on our 3rd floor deck. It’s an inspiring space with lots of Aloes, flowers and veggies.


9:30 am

This space is like an extra room and we spend a lot of time out here in the summer months. I live in downtown Toronto, Canada in a renovated Victorian home built in 1892. My studio is actually underneath here and faces a lovely park with dogs and kids and sounds of the city.


10:30 am

This particular day I ended up sketching some Cacti and Aloes which I adore at the moment. They have great shape, colour and texture.


12:00 pm

I then went inside to the studio and setup the camera to make a timelapse demo video. I made 3 that day - the succulents, the Snapdragons and a bouquet on blue. I jump back and forth between Gouache and Watercolour depending on my mood, subject matter and inspiration.


2:00 pm

Here is a snippet of my timelapse - Cacti in pink, Gouache with fluorescent colours. (Click on the image to watch!)


4:30 pm

I’ll end today with a picture of my sketchbook - Still with Cacti and bouquet on blue. Painted in gouache with fluorescent colours. Thanks for having me Ohh Deer!


Follow Carolyn on Instagram @carolynj and check out her shop on Etsy @CarolynGavinShop.