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Bringing something to life through the process of decay is definitely an unusual concept, but artist Terry Cook has managed to pull it off, in a sense.

Taking quite the step away from when we first featured his work, Terry has created these morbidly fascinating faces on the sides of decaying apples, and we can’t take our eyes off them.


I spoke with Terry to find out a bit more about his Frankenstein-like creations.

How did you get the idea?

I got the idea looking at an old deflated balloon that I had previously drawn a face on. I liked how it had distorted it and it got me thinking about what else I could draw on that would distort with time. So naturally I thought of decaying fruit!

What did you use to bruise them?

I used my thumb and a steel sculpting ball tip to imprint the face.

What do they smell like?

They smell like cider! They go through a really horrible stage before they get to that smell though. Some formed mould which my wife wasn’t too chuffed about. I have since moved them to the loft to decay further. It would be cool if they retained their features after every bit of moisture evaporated from them - it was just a fun experiment that turned out pretty cool.


If you’re into the vibe of shrunken heads but not so into decapitation, this might be the next best thing.


There’s something totally transfixing about these, as though you shouldn’t be looking but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

To see more of Terry’s weird and wonderful work, check out his website or Instagram below.