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Me...Jamie, behind the Finley

Me...Jamie, behind the Finley

Hello.... it's me... the fun sponge, A.K.A. Jamie the Creative Director.

I've been instructed by people that I employ (I'm not sure why I hired them) that I'm scheduled to start writing these posts to give you all an insight into what goes on behind the scenes with the Ohh Deer family.

So what's happened this month? I can barely remember what happened 5 minutes ago let alone the last month - it's difficult to even tell if what I'm recalling happened in the last month but we'll give it a go.

I spoke to Katie our PR and Marketing Manager just now and asked what the hell I should talk about, she gave me a list so I'll work through that and maybe add in some gems of my own while I'm there.

  1. Umm

  2. Halloween Party

  3. New Starters

  4. Exciting Collabs

  5. Finley & Scout

  6. The Cushion Competiton

  7. Papergang

1. Umm

Not technically a point Katie... up your game.

2. Halloween Party

So the Halloween party was a thing and I was there, so I can talk about it. I acquired some horns in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and the plan was to go as a f*cked up Mr Tumnus or mould my face into a gored mess and pop in some contacts. I mean my personal brief was to be 'awkward to look at / talk to', (I achieved that by being myself, but not so much with my outfit). The horns weren't used because Jade (Lead Designer) suggested that it would be a shame not to go as a crazy scientist because of how long and wild my hair is lately - which I thought was an easy win.

I scoured Loughborough for a lab coat to no avail, closest thing I could find was a bloodied apron, so ended up going as a Victorian Surgeon - complete with bow tie and 'Psycho' contact lenses. Turns out I have a lot of clothes which make me look like a murderous Victorian psychopath #winningatlife?

The night was fun! My younger brother showed up looking like a legit crazy person, Maddy and my sister - who had been keeping their outfit choice completely under wraps arrived dressed as Finley & Scout, complete with sticky fake dog turds. Their outfit choice was hysterical, however when asked to take a photo with them on a lead I realised how weird it looked...

Harry, Cam and Doug (the shark) started playing a game of 'lets balance things on drunk people', beginning with the sticky fake turds I mentioned. As most things do with that lot, it competitively escalated - to balancing almost entire pumpkins on people. I will throw in there that Mark and I managed to balance a half-sized witches broom on Bre's egg outfit without her realising so if it were a competition... we won.

Special shout out to Stuart who was caught on our CCTV doing a striptease at 1.30am

Also, when you need Halloween decorations for your party turn it into a competition and have everyone else do the work, we had teams of 3 people each work on a pumpkin, here are some of the results:

pumps 2.jpg

The creative team's pumpkin is currently on display in the Loughborough shop.


3. New Starters

Yes! Newbies! We have several of them, which we're all really excited about. James our Warehouse Manager has a new assistant to help with planning. Heather has joined Ohh Deer to help with our increasing wholesale and direct orders.

Ben has been hired to join our Web Dev team alongside Ricky and Miles, we've got a lot of new projects planned, so we're very excited to have another pair of hands to help them out!

Yasmin has joined our sales team to help Laura, Adam, Becky, Bre and Harry with their misc projects, so yay for that!

Chloe has moved departments after working for several years as a warehouse supervisor - she's become an artworker in the creative team.

Drop the mic moment, Mark and I have got our first personal assistant (another Chloe), who will be picking up some of our excess work so we can focus on the important stuff. Mega yay!

There are also two available roles to apply for, a Book Keeper position and a Bespoke Account manager position which you can see HERE.

4(+7). Exciting Collabs

I mean we always have exciting things going on behind the scenes. It's just which ones I can talk about :O This month's Papergang box is in collaboration with the brilliant Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, £1 from each box sold will go toward the Home. This box sits alongside the range of products we've put out to support the charity. If you're keen to check this out you can do this HERE.


(I covered the Papergang in that point as well Katie, please discount point 7 from the list.)

5. Finley & Scout


So I have this hilarious photo I took tonight of Scout - he woke up like this. It took me touching his tongue for him to realise that it was out. You're welcome.

Umm, updates... We went on a Halloween sausage dog walk with 60 other pooches which was fun. Scout initially hated the idea, he started barking on the approach to the other dogs, and then had his tail so far between his legs that it looked like a weird other leg (not a willy). He soon realised though that it was quite fun, and kept running off to the front of the group, then realising we weren't there, running back, completely missing us, even though he looked directly in my eye as I called his name... Then running back toward the front we'd manage to either rugby tackle him to the ground or just be like 'hey bro, we're here' (both options work just as well).

Finley stayed by our side the whole time, like some neurotic side kick.


6. The Cushion Competition

So our annual Pillow Fight is on, we're looking for members of the public to submit work to either win one of our top prizes (£300, £150 or £50 by ending up in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place) or by having your design picked to join our shop for real.

You can see the brief and submit work HERE.

So far, after being up for 2 weeks, we've had 2163 entries, which is cray. You're all marvellous individuals for uploading work!


Outside of Work

Illustration by Jordan Andrew Carter

Illustration by Jordan Andrew Carter

In other news, we binge watched Stranger Things 2 in a day. Yeah... It was no season 1, that's all I'll say. Hopefully they get it back on track for season 3!

We loved Mindhunter on Netflix though - David Fincher vibes = yes please and thank you, a bit of a slow burner for the first episode or so, but as a big fan of Silence of the Lambs (etc.) I was all over it.

Binge played Shadow of War also (yes I'm a geek) which was marvellous fun!

Managed to get Maddy to watch Doctor Foster by bribing her with my Netflix password. She outdid us with the binging FYI. I asked her how her weekend was, and she said "yeahhh..." sheepishly, turns out she'd spent her Sunday watching the whole of season 2 of Stranger Things, the whole of season 2 of Doctor Foster (after binging the first one a few days before), the first episode of Blue Planet 2, and an episode of Countryfile. A solid 14 hours of tele. Congratulations.

Well that's my roundup, expect another bout of rambling a month from now!

Peace and love x