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Heads up! This is an older article which has been moved over from our old blog. As a result, some of the styling on this page might be a little off.

IT IS TIME! HOW EXCITING! Finally we get to reveal the winners from our annual cushion competition - the Pillow Fight! The brief was to create a winning cushion design that would stand out from the crowd. Missed out? Read the brief here so you can get prepared for next year!

Excitingly, there was more than one way to win:

Winners by Ranking
Each vote = 1 point and each sale = 50 points and when combined this gives you your total ranking. For this part of the competition, the artist ranked first place will get £300, second place £150 and third £50.

Contributor Selection by Ohh Deer
For the part of the competition where we select our next contributor, we at Ohh Deer HQ review every submission, and choose the work we think is the best fit for our creative family!

So, even if your ranking was low, you were still in with a chance to become our next contributor. Equally, those who ranked highly did not necessarily also win the chance to become a contributor.



1st Place - Harriet Billingham's Wheaten Terrier Cushion (3283 Points!)

2nd Place - Roza Hamta's Bosom Pillow Cushion (1810 Points!)

3rd Place - Loz's Take Me Away Cushion (1779 Points!)

Congratulations! You guys have already been contacted and we wish you the very best with your creative endeavors in the future :)


Your cushion is going to be sold at Ohh Deer!

Thank you so much for your amazing entries. It has been so hard to narrow them all down but we managed to seal the deal on a solid 20 from over 3000 submitted designs! If your design is below you should give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Winners will be contacted within the following days :) Well done!


Missed out? Stay tuned next year!