The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 13

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In this week’s round-up, you can expect to discover the official Jeff Bezos origin story, an alternative to the classic handshake, and, finally, an answer to the age-old question ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’

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1. Jeff Bezos: The Origin Story

haters are the motivators.JPG

2. Hey, it’s me!

check me out.JPG

3. I guess I’m an indoors human

im an indoors human.jpg

4. He’s got a point…

He's got a point though (2).JPG

5. What could go wrong?

what could go wrong.png

6. We approve all 4 of these messages

We approve all 4 of these messages.JPG

7. It’s literally his job

It's literally his job (2).JPG

8. no apology necessary


9. Never leave home without your spade

Never leave home without your spade.JPG

10. Toe Shake

Toe Shake.JPG

11. Finally, the question is answered

why the chicken crossed the road.JPG

12. Wrong Number

wrong number.png

13. The Most Wholesome

So wholesome (2).JPG

14. It was worth it

It was worth it (2).JPG

15. Thanks, Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (2).JPG

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