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The season of luuuuuurve is upon us! Time to get ready for romancin’, dancin’ and all round smoochin’. However, the big ol’ V-Day isn’t just about romantic relationships anymore, it’s a time to celebrate your besties, your small four legged friend and even that special someone who might have helped you through a tough time.

We’ve composed a very helpful gift guide to get you started. Complete with cards that allow you to send that very special message and some super cute gifts!


Oh we’ve got them all! We’ve got cute, kooky and damn right funny. Chicken nugget lover? Sorted mate. Love your other half so much you want to crush them with a steamroller? No worries pal. We even have enamel pin cards, the gift that keeps on giving! Press that big ol’ button below to shop only the finest cards (or click the images above!).

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram



So although you can't see it on your screen, this giftwrap is eye poppingly neon! Dotted with lil' repeat hearts, this Valentines wrap will add a bit of extra-ness onto any gift.


Give your perfect match a perfect present in perfect wrap! This repeat pattern has been beautifully designed by illustrator and pattern queen Jacqueline Colley.



What screams Valentine’s Day more than strawberries and whipped cream? Chocolate of course! Now we don’t just have any chocolate, we have Mermaid and Unicorn chocolate bars! Each hand made in the UK, and 5 lucky people can win a NEON ticket! (Sorry no chocolate factory tour, but a solid £25 off Ohh Deer!)

Now that’s a bit of fancy! Handcrafted from sterling silver in Posh Totty's Brighton workshop, the necklace features a sleek heart shaped locket with room for two pictures inside. The front of the locket can be personalised with your own unique message using their signature hand-stamped lettering technique, perfect for names or initials.


You’re my boo! One for me and one for you. These duo enamel pins are perfect as a little gift for you and your bestie. Where would you pin yours?

Overflowing with character, this mug will bring you the most enjoyable hot drink you've ever had. Hell yeah treat yourself this Valentine’s! Nothing says ‘love’ more than a tasty hot choccy on a chilly evening.