Make Your Own Chilli Sauce

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Your tastebuds won't know what's hit them with this Chilli Sauce Kit from Firebox. In under an hour you can have 3 bottles of seriously scrumptious home-made chilli sauce.

What's in the box? Each kit includes enough ingredients to make one batch of each flavour. Don't worry greedy guts, one batch includes 3 x 150 ml bottles - so with each kit you get a hearty 6 bottles of zing.


3 x 150ml glass bottles (re-use to make second sauce

6 x bottle labels

1 x plastic funnel

100ml red wine vinegar

150ml cider vinegar

1 x spice mix for Smokey Chipotle Sauce: mustard powder, brown sugar, salt, Chipotle spice, garlic powder

1 x spice mix for Mango Morita Sauce: Chipotle spice, Bhut Jolokia spice, salt curry powder, mustard powder, sugar, garlic powder

1 x Chipotle dried chilli

1 x Morita dried chilli




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