A Perfect Circle Landscape!

A Perfect Circle Landscape!

This week, in celebration of Earth Day, Lewis will take you step by step through this colouring pencil sketch of a stag!

Step 1:

Using a HB pencil,  apply a soft pressure draw around something round to create a perfect circle.

Step 2:

Using a Grassy Green pencil, sketch out a jagged shape, then colour the shape  in a scribbling motion.

Step 3:

Next, using your turquoise pencil, use linear hatching (shading using parallel lines) to create the effect of a shimmering sea.

Step 4:

Above your horizon line, blend your Coral and Postbox pencil together to give the effect of a sunset. Draw some clouds in the sky with your Coral pencil.

Step 5:

Lightly shade both a Coral pencil and Amethyst pencil on top of the sea for the illusion of the sunset’s reflection on the water.

Step 6:

Using your Bubblegum, Postbox Red and Amethyst pencils, sketch the edge of your green jagged shape. This will be the rocky edge of your grassy knoll.

Step 7:

Using stippling (drawing in a repeating pattern), begin to sketch in the blades of grass on top of your Grass Green ledge with your Pine Green, Bubblegum, Postbox Red and Ultramarine pencils.

Step 8:

Using your Bubblegum pencil, draw a jagged shape in the background on top of your turquoise horizon line. Layer your Amethyst and Postbox Red pencils on top of this Bubblegum shape. These are the mountains in the background.

Step 9:

Using the Pine Green pencil, you can begin to sketch the silhouette of a stag in the background. For the front of the stag, simply draw a pear shape with two stick legs. Draw a sausage shape for the body, and two more stick legs.

Step 10:

Add your ears and antlers. Layer up the whole silhouette with your Ultramarine pencil to make the stag pop more in your composition.

Step 11:

After you have finished all these subtle details, erase the soft, HB pencil circle line. Then you’re finished! This took me around 20 minutes to complete in total, and was made using the colouring pencils found in the Artful Colouring Pencil Starter Box.




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