Hello dear Papergangsters,

We thought we would admit something, please don’t yell, we are very emotional people. So, you know that really cool June calendar you got in Aprils Papergang box? Well, it’s wrong. I know, I know, it’s terrible isn’t it??! We are ashamed, in-fact we may have shed a tear here at Papergang HQ.

You see, people make mistakes, and this mistake was the fact that we forgot it was 2017…and not 2016, to which the calendar was artworked to. A slap on the wrist for us.

Amongst our tears we came to a solution; a free printable one! So if you guys have a lovely little printer about, feel free to download the image below and print it out to your heart’s content! (Don’t worry, we checked this one)

Click me to download the calendar!

Click me to download the calendar!


Alas! What if one does not have a printer?
Then no fear! Follow the three simple steps below and make your 2016, a 2017 –

step 2 annotated.jpg

Or you could just wait until 2044 for the years to repeat? Don't say we that we don't think outside the box.

Feel free to share your swanky calendar edits on instagram using #thepapergang

Have a nice day guys!

The Papergang Team x

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