A Gift Guide for The Animal Lover

Holiday Season is just around the corner and Christmas, well, that comes every year and there’s only so many gifts you can get someone before you’re at a loss for ideas! But that’s where we come in, we’re here to help!

You’re reading this blog in search of inspiration, an idea on where to begin when buying for your animal loving friend during The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, thank you Andy Williams for that one. What a song. 

Look no further …

We’ve made you a gift guide for The Animal Lover!


The Cozy Animal Lover

Does your special someone love all things cozy? Perhaps they find comfort in being warm and toasty? If you answered yes, we have just the gifts for you (or, well, technically them). 


What is more toasty than a nice pair of socks? OK, I get it. Socks aren’t all that exciting but these are special socks. These socks are only for a select, exclusive few. Those with a cool AF (keeping it family friendly) pet, of course! Yes, you could say that these are limited to dog and cat owners but let’s be real - no one in the history of the earth has had a cool pet goldfish. And, the main part is, these are literally perfect for any animal loving pet owner!



My Cat is Cool AF Women's Socks - £9.95




My Dog Is Cool AF Women's Socks - £9.95



So, we’re aware that not all animal lovers have pets. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered! Let’s carry on with the narrative that you’re looking for a cosy, animal themed gift for your special someone. It’s a cold Winter’s day and you’re inside under the toasty blanket watching your favourite Christmas movies. What are you missing? A mug of delicious hot chocolate, of course! 


We have mugs for crazy cat lovers and not so crazy dog lovers! And, who could forget this adorable capugccino mug for those exceptionally punny animal lovers (see what I did there?). 


And why not throw in a cute coaster whilst you’re at it? 


Capugccino Mug - £11.95 





Crazy Cat Lady Mug - £8.50 





Dog Lover Mug - £8.50 



Cool Cat Coaster - £2.95



Want something a little more quirky? This next product is perfect for any animal lover, guaranteed to make them giggle and who doesn’t want that on Christmas day?! This I Like You Cushion makes an incredible gift, not to mention they’re a huge 50x50cm!


I Like You Cushion - £29.95 



Not so much a cozy item but I loved them too much not to feature on this list… animal shaped nail files. How cute?! You can choose from a cat or dog and then from there pick between three different designs. And do you know what makes this item even better? When you’re filing your nails, you’re giving the little guy a belly rub! Come to when you find a better gift, you won’t. You can’t! 





Puppy Dog Nail File - £4.95 





Cat Kitten Nail File - £4.95 


A final gift idea for those comfort loving animal enthusiasts is this panda plush. There’s not much to say here other than JUST LOOK AT HIM! He is the most wonderful gift anyone could ever ask for! What more could you want?! 





Rice Bamboo Plush Toy - £21.50




The Homely Animal Lover 


Perhaps the special animal lover in your life loves homeware, if yes, we’ve got just the gifts for you! 


Let’s start off this list with planters. We have all sorts of cutesy animal themed planters from dogs to cats, cats to bees and bees to… T-Rexes, sorry, did I see that correctly? Planters are the perfect gift for anyone who loves decorating their home and animal planters are the perfect gift for any animal lover who loves decorating their home! 





T-Rex Planter - £17.75 





Barney The Dog Planter - £6.95





Mini Cat's Whiskers Terracotta Planter - £6.50 



This next product is awesome. This candle when burned begins to uncover an aluminum skeleton! Maybe only buy this if the person you have in mind is also into creepier stuff too, or else they might just cry in horror… I know I would! 





Pyropet Voffi Dog Candle - £24.95



On the subject of more homely animal lovers, you could also buy them a cute animal print. These few prints are guaranteed to bring beauty to any room and a smile to any animal lover’s face! We have everything from silly cat prints to beautiful bird prints.





A3 Look After Yourself Print - £14.95




A3 Sea Birds Riso Print - £19.95



And to end the list of more homely gift ideas is this wonderful, novelty gift… a sock monkey laundry bag. How cool! It’s practical in the sense that it keeps the home mess free from dirty clothes but also beautifully unique, it’s the perfect gift for an animal lover! 





Sock Monkey Laundry Bag - £24.95



The Crafty Animal Lover 


This next category is for the animal lovers who are also a little crafty, as you could have probably guessed from the title (nice one, Harley). Luckily for you, we’re a company who just so happen to have a huge range of stationery, and you know what that means… animal stationery, duh! 


We have gorgeous animal themed notebooks available, from frogs to dogs, as well as sillier designs for those animal lovers who have plans for world domination they need to make a note of (I’m looking at you cat owners). 





Plans For World Domination A4ish Notebook - £5.95 

Autumn Frogs Wiro A5ish Notebook - £11.95


It just so happens we also have a collection of animal themed sticky notes, a perfect affordable stocking filler! We have conventional sticky notes with dogs and cats with silly little messages on them or, my personal favourite item on this list, these quirky little cat shaped sticky notes! I mean, come on, they’re adorable! Who wouldn’t want these?! 



Cat Sticky Notes - £7.50 



To Do Cat Sticky Notes - £2.95




Whatcha Thinkin' About Sticky Notes - £2.95 



And with that, we come to an end of our Gift Guide for The Animal Lover. We sure hope we helped you find the perfect gift for your loved one, let us know what your favourite product was on the list! 


We’ll be posting a few more gift guides for you in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eye out for more blogs! 

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