Miles Tewson: Our Artist of the Month

It’s November, a new month, and you know what that means… a new artist of the month! Every month we spotlight a wonderful artist and feature them across our socials. Our aim is simple really - we want to give these talented individuals the recognition they deserve! 

“So, who is November’s Artist of the Month?” I hear you say. None other than the incredible Miles Tewson, of course!



Miles Tewson is a multi-disciplinary Illustrator originally from Brighton, UK. According to his websiteMiles has worked on a wide variety of projects from merchandising and editorial to rebranding and logo design. Not to mention promotion and one off commissions from clients all over the globe too - he’s a man of many talents! 


And it’s not just us that sees the talent in this artist. This illustrator has been described as someone “who loves to explore storytelling and ideas through the use of panels” as well as his work as “expressive drawings [which] often capture a moment in time, using only a few colours to achieve a sense of atmosphere and place”. 


Miles creates beautiful pieces of art, as evident by his gorgeous Instagram feed. Take a look at just a few of my many favourites, it’s hard to pick just one out of his stunning collection. I feel as though these pieces capture a story and, with that, so much emotion but are yet so simple, which is impressive in itself to be able to mix the two so seamlessly. Go give him a follow and show this wonderful illustrator some love!











You may recognize Miles’ work from somewhere and that’ll most likely be our store. We have a range of gorgeous card designs created by this lovely artist that you can pick up, standard or personalised! Whether you’re looking for a birthday card or a new home card - there’s one for every occasion; his Christmas cards being a personal favourite of mine.




Bon Voyage Sea Card - £2.95




Miss You Day and Night Card - £2.95



Shop Miles’ Collection Above or Personalised Versions Below!



Personalised New Home Window Sill Card - £3.50 




Personalised Happy Birthday Figure Card - £3.50


With the holiday season just around the corner, why not grab a couple for your friends and family this Christmas? We have options for both standard cards and personalised ones! 






Personalised Couple In Woods Christmas Card - £3.50 



Personalised Man In Woods Christmas Card - £3.50



Wife Couple In Woods Christmas Card - £2.95 


Want to see more from this incredible artist? Check out his Instagram here and show him the support he deserves! 


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