Concept Artist Joshua Dunlop has undertaken the extensive task of conceptualising all 151 of the original Pokemon, although we’re sure it’s probably more a labour of love. Beginning back in 2016, Joshua has since completed 113 realistic imaginings of the iconic creatures.

If you know any of the original Pokemon back from 1996, you might recall that some of them aren’t all as cuddly and lovable as Pikachu. In fact, it turns out that you probably wouldn’t want to meet a lot of them if they were real. Some of Joshua’s creations are the perfect nightmare fuel! But don’t worry, there are plenty of adorable ones too.

Head over to Joshua’s Instagram to keep up with all the concept art he’s finished so far. All image credit @joshdunlopconceptartist.

Pikachu Concept Art.jpg
Ditto Concept Art.jpg
Geodude Concept Art.jpg
Jigglypuff Concept Art.jpg
Koffing Concept Art.jpg
Weedle Concept Art.jpg
Dugtrio Concept Art.jpg
Cloyster Concept Art.jpg
Gengar, Haunter and Gastly Concept Art.jpg
Onix Concept Art.jpg
Slowking Concept Art.jpg
Nidoran Concept Art.jpg
Polywrath Concept Art.jpg
Magikarp Concept Art.jpg

With 38 left to complete, Joshua regularly posts polls on his Instagram for his followers to decide on which he designs next, so make sure you check him out and cast your vote.


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