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Our Stockists Include:

Upload work to our limited edition Pillow
Fight shop and earn commission on sales,

top 3 places win £500 between them and

you could join our shop fulltime!

See the full brief HERE

The Artist that ends in 1st place gets £300, 2nd place

gets £150 and 3rd place £50.

The Judges at Ohh Deer will select final winners

seperate to the final 3 mentioned above to enter

the shop there’s no guarantee that finishing in

the top 3 positions will lead to your work being

sold in our shop longterm.

Monday 5th October (5PM UK TIME) – Monday 5th November (11:59PM).

It’s time for another pillow fight! Compete for the chance to win a cash prize, earn money on any cushions you sell in our competition shop, and also be in with the chance to become one of our new contributors! Yaaaayy!


Our products are stocked by the best leading brands worldwide and we also sell directly to our lovely online customers.

A few words about how the competition works, and what’s in it for you! Firstly, to put your mind at ease, by submitting work you are in no way transferring copyright to us. When the competition is over the designs still belong to you. For the duration of the competition shop, your work will be available to buy and your supporters can vote for them – they will need to create an account in order to do so (which is very speedy). This is just so we can ensure (in the interest of fairness), that all votes are unique.


Designs with higher points will appear near the top of the shop, meaning that more people will get to see them!


How are the winners chosen?


Excitingly, there’s actually more than one way to win!


  1. Winners by Ranking

Each vote = 1 point and each sale = 50 points and when combined this gives you your total ranking. For this part of the competition, the artist ranked first place will get £300, second place £150 and third £50.


  1. Contributor Selection by Ohh Deer

For the part of the competition where we select our next contributor, we at Ohh Deer HQ review every submission, and choose the work we think is the best fit for our creative family!

So, even if your ranking is low, you’re still in with a chance to become our next contributor. Equally, those ranked highly will not necessarily also win the chance to become a contributor.



So, you mentioned getting paid?


Yes we did! For each cushion you sell you will receive £1*. We should mention, this is lower than the usual percentage we would normally pay our artists, so we thought we should explain why this is.


Competition cushions are individually printed and hand made to order in the UK, which incurs a higher than usual cost price. Combined with the fact that most orders will also qualify for free shipping, this leaves us with much less profit to share.


If you are one of the lucky artists who become one of our contributors, you’ll receive 20% of the profit from future sales.



Boring bits:

Max 5 entries per user

All artwork submitted must be in JPEG format

You can download the template for the upload HERE.

The dimensions of your file must be 2775px x 2775px at 150dpi.

On the supplied template – please delete/turn off the green bleed layer, this is just for your reference to show will be lost when the design is reproduced. Any designs with the green bleed left on will be deleted from our system and not approved.

Approval of entries may take up to 48 hours, check the status of your entries in your account here.


Uploads close midnight on Monday 5th November

All artwork rights will remain yours.

*All commission payments will be sent out after the competition has ended and our 28 day return policy has expired for all competition orders made. This will take approximately 40 days. Payment will be made via PayPal.

A PayPal payout request will be sent to your registered Ohh Deer email address, you can then claim it to a PayPal account if you don't have one on that address.

Ohh Deer reserve the right to change the competition end date.






Image Type: JPEG (sRGB)

Square 2775px x 2775px @ 150dpi

By uploading artwork, you're agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Please only upload the artwork, we will impose it onto a Cushion image for you.