Our Values

Ohh Deer and all of our projects uphold the same values.  We believe in inclusivity, acceptance, tolerances, equality and equity.  We actively advocate the importance of nurturing positive mental health and have zero-tolerance on any form of discrimination.
We love to celebrate art and believe that we have an opportunity to showcase work on our products and platforms.
We believe that we are all responsible for our planet and we actively put the environment first.
Over the years we have teamed up with various charity partners and have donated thousands of pounds to their causes.  These include: TreeAid, The Butterfly Conservation, Switchboard LGBT+, M.E. Association, Blurt Foundation, Arthouse Unlimited, NHS Charities Together, The Marine Conservation Society and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to name a few.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

At Ohh Deer, we are deeply committed to embedding good equality and diversity practice into all of our activities to ensure an inclusive, welcoming and inspiring place to work, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.
Our core values reflect a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.  We strive to represent, celebrate and embrace diversity.  All staff and partners, including suppliers and artists, have a responsibility to enact Ohh Deer’s values and priorities, eliminating disparities and ensuring equal opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, language, abilities/disabilities, socioeconomic status, geographic region, or other defining characteristics so that everyone feels welcome and valued.
For recruitment, we encourage and welcome applications from all.  We are unbiased when offering interviews, appointments and promotions and look at merit and skill.  We recognise that experience can be used in place of formal education.  All hiring managers are provided with learning resources to help them avoid unconscious bias and decisions are never made by one individual.
We use structured interviews (where each candidate is asked the same question or set the same task) which allow us to make informed decisions, avoiding unfair bias.

Sustainably-Sourced Cards

All of our products, including our Greeting Cards, have been sourced from sustainable, well-maintained forests or recycled materials. Our manufacturer who produces our Greeting Cards are also one of the leading ethical companies in the UK, recycling all of their old pallets and food waste. Where possible, we also aim to use 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials for our products.

Plastic-Free Greeting Card Packaging

All our cards are now completely plastic-free.  We have even started to remove the clasp on the cards as we believe these to be unnecessary and we can reduce our waste even further. You may receive some cards with the clasp while we clear through older stock. Following customer feedback, we have decided to continue to wrap our Pin and Patch Card ranges to prevent damage and theft. Therefore, these are packaged in a biodegradable or compostable wrap which is Vincotte Certified, meaning they will disintegrate within 6 months into Co2, Water and humus - a soil nutrient when industrially composted. 

Recycled Envelopes

All our envelopes are made from sustainable and/or recycled materials. Our manufacturers are audited and hold all the correct accreditations. They recycle all paper-based material waste every day, including all envelope paper and cardboard, which is then used by a recycling partner to manufacture new recycled paper-based products, such as our Fleck Kraft envelopes.

100% Recycled Gift Wrap

All our gift wrap is made from 100% recycled paper and unlike most gift wrap, it can be recycled again due to the paper and finishes we use.

Plastic-Free Packaging Pledge

We have moved all of our orders to cardboard boxes and are removing all unnecessary plastic covers from our stationery and giftware, replacing them with bio-cello alternatives where possible or sending them naked.
We have a cardboard shredder in-house where we turn all of our excess cardboard boxes into packing material to pad out our deliveries - ensuring that your products arrive safely while also allowing you to recycle it your end.
We are also in the process of removing vinyl tape from our mailer boxes and replacing this with brown paper tape when a box isn't a self-seal.
We are continuously looking for improvements to our packaging processes to make them more sustainable. 

Tree Aid


Through our partnership with Tree Aid, for every 4 Papergang boxes that we sell, we plant a tree - as of October 2021 we have planted well over 100,000 trees! The trees you help to plant with Papergang provide food and generate income for people in need in the drylands of Africa, allowing them to afford better education and healthcare. So far, Tree Aid has planted more than 16 million trees and helped over 1.2 million people.



At Ohh Deer HQ, we use Ecosia as our preferred search engine. Every search made goes towards planting a tree with the profits it generates. Approximately one tree is planted for every 45 searches. Ecosia also runs its servers on 100% renewable energy and every search request removes 1kg of Co2 from the atmosphere. 

Less Than 30% Foil

We never use more than 30% foil elements on our products to ensure they are 100% recyclable. 

No Glitter, Little Flitter

We don’t like to add glitter elements to our designs (we feel we are snazzy enough). However, where we do, we only use biodegradable glitter products.