At Ohh Deer we’re on a mission. A mission to create a positive impact.

We’ve always been very conscious of keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum. We work with charitable causes close to our hearts. Created a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace where people can thrive. And felt a duty as a small business to ensure we were making decisions because it was the right thing to do, not based upon the impact to our bottom line. 

  • Sourced Locally, Printed Ethically

    All of our paper based products are sourced locally from sustainable, well-maintained forests, or recycled materials, therefore reducing the potential carbon emissions required to import the paper by 117,666kg of Co2 per year.

    Our cards are lithographically printed using vegetable inks that are eco friendly and VOC free, which results in fewer emissions and less waste.

  • Recycled Envelopes

    All our envelopes are made from sustainable and/or recycled materials. Our manufacturers are audited and hold all the correct accreditations.

    They recycle all paper-based material waste every day, including all envelope paper and cardboard, which is then used by a recycling partner to manufacture new recycled paper-based products, such as our Fleck Kraft envelopes.

  • No Glitter, Less Foil

    We never use more than 30% foil elements on our products. The result? They are 100% recyclable.

    We don’t like to add glitter elements to our designs (we feel we are snazzy enough). However, where we do, we only use biodegradable glitter products.

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Trees Planted


CO₂ Removed


All orders are shipped to you in cardboard boxes and we removed all unnecessary plastic covers from our stationery and giftware, replacing them with bio-cello alternatives where possible or sending them naked.

We have a cardboard shredder in-house where we turn all of our excess cardboard boxes into packing material to protect your deliveries - ensuring that your products arrive safely while also allowing you to recycle it after receipt. But rest assured we attempt to fill the available space with product where possible. We are also removed vinyl tape from our mailer boxes and replaced it with brown paper tape when a box isn't self-seal.

We are continuously looking for improvements to our packaging processes to make them more sustainable so if you ever have feedback on what we could do better, please contact us.