Grow Your Own Red Hot Willy Peppers


Yes that is a red hot pepper in the form willy you are seeing! Fancy having a plant full of these beauties, then look no further.

All you have to do to bring your willy hot peppers to life is open the cube and pour a little water on the pre-planted seeds. Give it some light a warm place and keep watering every 3 days. Within 12-18 days, you’ll see your seedling rising to the occasion and out of the soil.

You will soon have a bountiful harvest of red hot willy peppers to spice up your evening meals. 'Peter pepper chilies' are perfect for salsas or Mexican dishes as they are very similar to jalapeños. 

The best part about this plant is after 6 months we recommend you re-pot your willy plant by simply placing the entire cube into a pot with soil. This eco cube will slowly decompose and turn into a valuable fertilizer for the plant!


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