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Papergang "Let Your Heart Be Your Guide" Stationery Box

Papergang "Let Your Heart Be Your Guide" Stationery Box

Designed By: Joanna Muñoz

Embrace artistic inspiration with Papergang's 'Let Your Heart Be Your Guide' stationery box, a vibrant collaboration with Wink & Wonder. 

This curated collection is more than just stationery; it’s a burst of creativity waiting to inspire. 

Dive into a world of colourful expression with an A5 notepad, two charming greeting cards, a sleek marble pencil, trusty pencil sharpener, and a set of felt-tip pens. 

Perfect for igniting imagination and sparking joy in anyone’s day! Let this box guide your creative journey and infuse your stationery stash with boundless inspiration. 


  • 1x A5 Notepad
  • 2 x Greeting Cards
  • 1x Marble Pencil
  • 1x Pencil Sharpener
  • 2 x Felt Tip Pens


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