Meet Barry’s December Box

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Tis the season for house plants, succulents and cacti galore. It’s time for December’s box - check out what’s in store.

Nesting in this months box is the lovely Lemon Ball cactus (Notocactus leninghausii): he’s a more bulbous, prickly boy to begin with, but can grow to a whopping one meter in height - almost as tall as a modest Christmas tree!

This spiky friend goes by more names than one! He is also known as the Golden Ball Cactus and the Golden Tower Cactus which refers to his classic golden-brown spines and tower-like growth.

He is native to Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil where, in the wild, he can be spotted growing on hilly grasslands, on walls and even between cracks in rocks.

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Just like you and me, he likes to keep cozy during the festive season. He prefers to be kept above 10-12 degrees so he may need to be moved away from cold rooms or windowsills. The fire isn’t so delightful however, as heat sources aren’t great for him either. They prefer to be cool and dry rather than hot and dry in the colder months.

During the festive period he is not a thirsty friend and won’t need watering as he is fast asleep during the winter dormancy period. To find out more about winter dormancy, check out Barry’s October blog post.

Deck The Halls

This months extra gift, is a festive one! A cacti themed decoration, handcrafted in England using the finest beeswax from UK beekeepers. Like any great gift, its a surprise! There are seven different designs, which one will you get?

Talking of decorations, have you ever thought to decorate your cacti during the festive season? Check out our latest blog where Barry shares his top tips on getting your cacti ready for the festivities.

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