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As we love to showcase anything to do with creativity, we often have a selection of talented illustrators and makers take over the Ohh Deer Instagram! This month it was the turn of Jennifer Bouron, or more commonly known, @jeninuferu. See what she gets up to below in a typical day in the life!


9:00 am

Hi everyone, I am Jennifer and I'll be taking over Ohh Deer's Instagram today!

I am a freelance print designer/illustrator currently based in France. My work is mostly inspired by nature and I like to focus on shapes and colours. I work from home and usually spend the day working on commissioned projects and personal projects, but everyday is pretty different. That's what I love about my work!


9:30 am

I start every morning by planning my day. I like to make lists of different tasks I have to do. After that I reply to emails and drink a cup of tea.


10:30 am

Time to pack orders! I love to do it in the morning, it always makes me happy to see my illustrations and postcards finding a new home.


11:00 am

Here is a commissioned pattern that I am working on. I love this kind of project because I have to challenge myself by drawing something different and playing with new colours.


2:00 pm

After lunch I like to work on painting. This painting that i'm working on will be part of an exhibition.

I first made several sketches on paper and also on Photoshop to try different colour combinations. Now that I am happy with the colours and the composition, I can make the final painting.


4:00 pm

Back on my laptop. Now it's time to draw my daily Instagram post. I hope you enjoyed this little journey, thank you @ohhdeer for the takeover!⠀


Follow Jennifer on Instagram @jeninuferu for more creative content!

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