Embracing Sustainability: Introducing Spread, Sow & Save

In today's fast-paced world, considering our environmental impact and embracing sustainability is paramount. That's why we're excited to unveil our latest initiative: Spread, Sow & Save.

Picture this: You eagerly await an online order, only to find it drowned in plastic packaging upon arrival. Sound familiar?

Introducing Spread, Sow & Save

Spread, Sow & Save embodies our dedication to sustainability and waste reduction, offering you, our lovely customers, unbeatable value and convenience. With an Ohh Deer account, purchasing precisely 12 greeting cards earns you 4 cards for free, along with 4 trees planted, and complimentary UK delivery.

How It Works

Spread, Sow & Save is available to all Ohh Deer account holders. Upon carting 12 full-priced greeting cards, opt for our Spread, Sow & Save shipping service to enjoy free delivery to any UK address. Each order triggers the planting of 4 trees via Eden Reforestation Projects, aiding in carbon offsetting and forest preservation.

But there's more: 4 of your cards are free too because of our 3 for 2 on cards offer!

Benefits for You and the Planet

Our Spread, Sow & Save service ensures your cards are snugly enveloped in recyclable packaging, avoiding excess waste. Plus, convenient door-to-door delivery in an envelope spares you a trip to the post office. 🥳

By engaging in Spread, Sow & Save, you're not just slashing delivery expenses and spreading joy with our unique cards – you're actively championing environmental stewardship. Each purchase aids reforestation endeavors in Africa, accompanied by a tracking link in your account to monitor your tree's progress.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Together, we can effect significant change. Embrace Spread, Sow & Save to support environmental preservation while relishing the ease of complimentary delivery and the satisfaction of sharing heartfelt greetings.

Let's cultivate sustainability and happiness, one card at a time. Join our mission to make a positive impact today!

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