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Heads up! This is an older article which has been moved over from our old blog. As a result, some of the styling on this page might be a little off.

This month we have a very special Papergang box. In fact, we have four different designs that were created by our in-house team at Ohh Deer to celebrate the 50th ever Papergang box! And so, naturally, we also have four awesome wallpapers for you to choose from.

Just click on your favourite design to download the background. Make sure to tag us in photos of your lovely new backgrounds using #papergang. You can subscribe to Papergang and receive our 50th box for just £14 now!


Designed by Chloe Hall

Designed by Amy Lesko


Designed by Jack Carter


Designed by Jade Walsh

You can sign up to receive April’s Papergang box now! Click the button below to grab yours. Plus, this month one lucky Papergangster will find a golden ticket worth £200 at Ohh Deer inside there box. It could be you! Sign up to be in with the chance to win.


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